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Our Mission: We develop sustainable software applications for high-end real-time systems.

State-of-the-Art Technology

At the moment, software engineering across the industries is changing. In this context, and by utilizing the latest model-driven technologies, our tools make both the integration and use of software much more straightforward, giving software engineers lots of leeway to focus on developing new functionalities instead of tackling timing and performance issues.

Outstanding Quality

Our products prioritize both user-friendliness and being fit for purpose. In other words, we make sure our tools combine high-flexibility designing with the latest testing and verification methods, and are fully supported by leading IT software and the most recent development environments.  

Comprehensive Support

We aim to provide our clients with much more than just an excellent product. We want to offer comprehensive solutions when it comes to the timing of multi-core systems. And part of this are our expert consulting and software engineering services centred around our tools and software deployment to multi-core processors and distributed systems.      

Our Next Target: Mastering the infrastructure of autonomous challenge

We help you deliver state-of-the-art high-performance quality products at a mitigated risk.       

About us

We develop comprehensive solutions for the design, architecture, simulation, automated optimization and target verification of embedded real-time multi-core and many-core systems. Read more »

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