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Timing-Architects’ goal is to broaden the performance and to increase the efficiency of our clients through multi-core technology. The success of our development tools depends on the success of our customers’ software development projects. Our customers expect a lot from us – and they should! It is a pleasure for us to support the following customers with our expertise in model-based development tools for embedded multi-core systems and help them to extract the true potential of the new multi-core technology. 

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With new application scenarios (e.g. autonomous systems, IoT, digitalization) ahead of us, an increasingly competitive landscape, and shorter development/release cycles, engineers and management need to focus on new functionalities and should not worry about, for example, the distribution of functions to parallel cores, timing challenges, or the integration of distributed software. The TA product and service portfolio offers solutions to meet all of these challenges, regardless of your domain. We support you to focus on what you do best - develop the innovative products of tomorrow - and help you to bring them to the market on time. 


Automotive software systems need to be highly efficient, respect real-time requirements, and comply to high safety and resource constraints. Recently, new application scenarios, such as autonomous driving and all its implications, demand more and more computing power and were one of many reasons for the introduction of multi-/many-core microcontrollers in the automotive domain. Multi-core ECUs are more powerful, significantly cheaper as multiple ECUs, and even help to reduce weight and energy consumption. Additionally, it introduces real parallel processing to automotive systems - allowing for even more computation power. To harness all the advantages of multi-/many-core systems, engineers have to face additional challenges, like increased design space complexity in a highly collaborative and distributed development environment (i.e. AUTOSAR), as well as the application of non-parallel legacy software to a parallel real-time platform.


Mobile is everywhere! No other domain provides systems, which are such an integral part of our life. Mobile is also a complex event-driven embedded software on highly integrated multi-/ and many-core execution units with opposing requirements, like rigid energy efficiency and high performance needs. To manage those requirements, resulting in i.e. highly dynamic load scenarios with strong mode-dependency in applications, engineers can use the flexibility of global (energy frequency scaling) scheduling to balance between high computation power and energy efficiency.


Avionic software systems are driven by the highest quality and safety standards. In contrast to the automotive and mobile domain, which include big parts of event-driven applications, avionic systems often follow a time and a space partitioning scheme. With the introduction of multi-/ and many-core systems, the avionic industry is facing the challenge to guarantee the same rigid standards used with multi-processor systems and legacy software. Designing and analyzing the static and dynamic behavior of the (distributed) system and providing comprehensive reports demands a lot of additional effort from engineers in this domain.

Industrial & Medical Automation

The automation domain, regardless of its application, combines most of the requirements of the automotive, mobile, and avionic domain. The utmost safety and quality standards in medical applications with deterministic software systems or maximum throughput in the industrial automation, multi-core technology provides both with additional computation power for extra performance or even allows for additional measures on functional safety of the system. To harness the new possibilities of multi-core engineers in these domains need to meet the challenges on parallel computation and software design.

Our tools and expertise have been proven in many projects in the automotive and mobile devices domain. This gives us deep understanding of the needs and challenges arising with the new multi-core technology. Most of the techniques and methodologies can be applied out-of-the-box in other domains, like avionic or industrial and medical automation. In some cases domain-specific adaptions may be necessary to fully support the system design or development process or increase precision of simulation. Please feel free to contact us in order to discuss specific requirements of the respected domain.

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