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Awareness by Simulation

TA Simulator

TA Simulator enables high-performance system simulation and assessment both at the abstraction level, and at different granularities. The results are visualised in the form of user-friendly interactive graphics. TA Simulator assists with assessments of system timing and performance metrics throughout the entire project, starting with early stages of software design (no hardware or hardware prototypes required) all the way to comparing different realisation options. Additionally, TA Simulator supports abstract and user-defined semiconductor processors developed by TA in collaboration with a range of SC suppliers, and enables testing of application software using vendor-specific single- and multi-core OS.         

Using TA Simulator

  • Detailed assessment of system timing behavior and resource consumption
  • Hardware resource consumption by software and OS
  • Performance assessment of different hardware platforms and software designs
  • Causality and interference analysis
  • Assessment and validation of design-related decision-making in early development stages

Key Features

  • Accurate simulation of single- and multi-core architecture using generic and vendor-specific processor and OS models
  • End-to-end timing simulation and analysis of distributed systems
  • Performance assessment (including cache contention effects) of different types of hardware architecture and OS overhead
  • Analysis of different multi-core synchronization and resource sharing mechanisms
  • Select from a huge range of requirements and evaluaton criteria for in-depth analysis of event chains, processes, runnable entities and software components
  • Fast high-performance simulations enabling What-If evaluation and design-space exploration
  • Customizable XML export of resource consumption data
Task Call Graph Definition
Task Call Graph Definition
Interactive graphics-based editor for software model reviews including runnable call and branch positioning in task execution schemes.
Execution Sequence
Execution Sequence
Gantt chart visualization of all entity types such as tasks, runnables and semaphores, as well as of all relevant status information. This allows assessing the performance and interaction of software and hardware, and includes resource consumption data.
Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation
Resource consumption analysis including time-dependent CPU load and impact of dynamic frequency-adaptive systems, to improve the overall energy-efficiency of systems.
Timing & Performance Metrics Evaluation
Timing & Performance Metrics Evaluation
Overview of estimators related to all tasks, ISRs and runnables. Includes metrics such as response time, net execution time etc, using quantitites such as maxima, averages etc.
Timing & Performance Metrics Distribution
Timing & Performance Metrics Distribution
Metrics distribution analysis of e.g. response times of entities in different layers, such as tasks runnables or individual event chains. Interactive links to other visualiation types (Grantt charts, etc) enable an in-depth assessment of a wide range of scenarios.
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