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Improvement by Optimization

TA Optimizer

TA Optimizer automatizes the process of improving model-driven embedded multi-core systems utilizing a wide range of criteria. TA Optimizer also allows user-defined objective settings, and is capable of optimizing a whole range of parameters at the same time. Moreover, TA Optimizer comes with a set of advanced features, such as task parallelization, that facilitate migrating from single- to multi-core systems.

Using TA Optimizer

  • Assists software integrators with making informed decisions regarding software partitioning and core allocation
  • Helps software architects during design space and in-depth trade-off analyses
  • Enables the assessment of different software architecture options, and helps teams developing multi-core architecture than can be used in different projects
  • Automatizes OS setup and software deployment

Key Features

  • Automated design and optimization of multicore/manycore software achitecture including:

    • Process allocation and task splitting
    • Data mapping optimization
    • Runnable sequence improvement
    • Execution sequence parallalization
    • Periodic task offset improvement
    • Task priority and task preemption/cooperative level improvement

  • System contraints maintenance, including core affinity needs, excution sequence and utilization requirements
  • Case-by-case objective setting for timing and performance optimization
  • Trade-off analysis of solutions and filtering mechanisms
Constraint Specification
Constraint Specification
Determine software architecture design constrains, including affinites regarding to executable aggregation and positioning, and software-to-hardware deployments
Optimiziation Process Settings
Optimiziation Process Settings
Define the objectives, system modifications, requirements, and contraints, and specify the detail level of the optimization process.
Optimization Outcome Assessment
Optimization Outcome Assessment
Compare the outcome with software architecture, or any other solution, on the basis of standard or user-defined metrics, and compliance parameters.
Trade-Off Analysis
Trade-Off Analysis
Interactive and detailed visualisation of metrics for solutions based on multiple criteria, enabling the ranking and assessment of available options prior to decision-making.
Final Solution Selection
Final Solution Selection
Vizualisation of system metrics estimators related to all tasks, ISRs etc, and their respective quantities such as maxima, minima, averages etc.
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