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TA Integrator


TA Integrator has been developed with software architects, software integrators and function designers in mind, enabling embedding of new functionalities in execution sequences of existing platforms. TA Integrator makes shared software development between OEMs and Tier One suppliers much easier, comes with state-of-the-art automated multi-core data stability protection and fully meets any coherency needs. TA Integrator also provides the OS and RTE generator setups, as well as data protection routines and patched data access.    

Using TA Integrator

  • Software integration
  • Function integration into execution sequences including assignment to sequences and intrinsic order of execution
  • Initial software distribution (task-to-core assignment)
  • Software architecture improvements of existing integration
  • Improvement of timing behavior, load balancing, resource consumption and system efficiency (by reducing communication and synchronization overhead) based on modifications carried out using TA Optimizer
  • Data protection setup and verification
  • Data protection strategy selection and setup
  • Automated configuration of data protection routines
  • Vizualisation and verification of data protection routines
  • Shared software development
  • Shared software development scenarios

Key Features

  • Detection of new/modified/deleted artifacts (data, data access, functions, calls, software components, setups etc), automated software updates (no-ambiguity cases only)
  • Full support of shared software development (component management)
  • Definition of OEM, Tier1 and third party parts
  • Selection and setup of data protection strategies for individual software components
  • Software obfuscation to enable data sharing without internal IP address violations
  • State-of-the-art automated multi-core data protection
  • Automated data protection at task, execution sequence and function levels
  • Domain-specific data protection algorithm implementation (API buffering and extension points)
  • Automated software integration based on general interconnectivity between TA Tool Suite modules
  • User-defined domain-specific needs via extension points
State-of-the-art Automated Multi-core Data Protection
State-of-the-art Automated Multi-core Data Protection
Automated data protection at task, execution sequence and function levels including options for domain-specific data protection algorithm implementation (API buffering and extension points)
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