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Reliability by Verification

TA Inspector

TA Inspector helps developers verifying target system behaviors. This includes examining both timing and resource consumption of applications deployed to target hardware. Moreover, TA Inspector enables auto-detection of mismatches between system simulations and the developed software operating the physical target hardware. Besides in-depth timing assessments, TA Inspector provides automated non-stop validation of specific and general timing requirements thanks to its full interconnectivity to other tools used during the design and testing phases. Auto-generated verification status reports help project managers and clients obtain an accurate project status update.

Using TA Inspector

  • Automated evaluation of hardware trace imports based on timing and resource consumption presets
  • Reconstruction of a timing model from a hardware trace
  • Quick system health checks
  • Critical scenario identification and assessment
  • Identification of bottlenecks and software/OS weak spots

Key Features

  • Target verfication of a wide range of trace sources including AMALTHEA, BTF, Elektrobit, Gliwa, iSystem, Lauterbach, etc
  • Advanced target tracing with respect to timing requirements and resource consumption
  • System interference analysis
  • Verification of critical path exection applying event chain methodology to target traces
  • Automated timing model reconstruction based on target traces
  • Closed-loop development process based on model-driven descriptions, code parsing and target tracing, to come up with and improve timing models
  • Straightforward comparison of assessed traces
  • Process integration based on automated requirement and performance reports
  • Generate server-integrated requirement verification reports e.g. by exporting Junit tests
Automated Trace Import and Model Reconstruction
Automated Trace Import and Model Reconstruction
Import of target traces and automated reconstruction of timing models based on individual execution architecture for review or high-level assessment
Execution Sequence
Execution Sequence
Allows evaluation of event chain (and other) requirements in a way very similar to TA Simulator, i.e. by copying requirement specifcations. Enables the assessment of the interaction between software and real life target hardware, as well as instant identifcation of any discrepancies between system design simulations and implemented solutions.
Timing and Performance Metrics Distribution
Timing and Performance Metrics Distribution
Metrics distribution analysis related to different entity types, including a detailed assessment based on copying crucial entity instances.
Target-Specification Mismatch Checks
Target-Specification Mismatch Checks
Detection of mismatches between specifications and realisations based on comparison of autogenerated target trace models with system designs.
Requirement Verification
Requirement Verification
Autogenerated verification status report for all requirements specified for a given entity, enabling project managers and clients to assess compliance ratios quickly and efficiently, obtaining an accurate project status update in the process.
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