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Overview by Exploration

TA Explorer


TA Explorer gives you a precise and easy-to-understand overview of model-driven software artifacts by aggregating data related to software architecture, module interdependencies, requirements/contraints and complementrary submodels (showing the source of each integrated model). TA Explorer helps you create and integrate software models by displaying all relevant artifacts sourced from a range of standard platforms such as AUTOSAR and AMALTHEA, in harmonized visual syntax.  

Using TA Explorer

  • Software model creation
  • Software architecture requirements specification
  • Component-centric analysis
  • Merging complementary submodels into one

Key Features

  • Intuitive data acquisition and aggregation for model-based software integration (project space concept)
  • Clear and concise overview of interdependencies
  • Facilitates identifying integration constraints and documentation that conforms with external formats (e.g. AUTOSAR, AMALTHEA, ASAM MDX)
System Design Exploration
Interactive user-friendly display of the workflow that allows straightforward editing of hardware, OS, software application models and all relevant requirements.
Easy and Fast Data Acquisition for Model-driven Software Integration
Customizable rule-based data acquisition from multiple sources (e.g. AUTOSAR, ASAM MDX, AMALTHEA, CSV, C-Code, etc) including autodetection of any added, modified or removed artifacts.
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