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Timing-Architects Tool Suite Extensions

TA Extensions are aimed at all those who want to increase TA Tool Suite functionality and compatibility when it comes to interface support, simulation accuracy, or the required extent of system optimization. 

TA Tool Suite features a basic range of interfaces supporting the exchange of standardized data formats such as AUTOSAR and ASAM MDX. On top of which we provide an extended set of interface for select TA Tool Suite modules including AMALTHEA, CSV, FIBEX, GLIWA OT1, iSYSTEM, and Lauterbach.
Moreover, custom formats are available upon request.

· AUTOSAR 4.0.3 Import/Export
· ASAM MDX Import/Export

TA Tool Suite enables the integration of vendor-specific SC processors resulting in way more accurate system simulations and evaluations.
Currently supported processors were developed by TA in collaboration with Infineon, NXP, and Renesas with further processors being available upon request. 

· Infineon TC27x (AURIX)
· Infineon TC29x (AURIX)
· Infineon TC39x (AURIX 2G)
· Renesas RH850/F1H
· Renesas RH850/P1M
· Renesas RH850/F1K
· Renesas RH850/P1H-C
· Renesas RH850/E1M-S
· Renesas RH850/E1M-S2
· NXP MPC5777M (Matterhorn)

Operating Systems Models
TA Tool Suite allows simulating and assessing system behavior based on vendor-specific operating systems (e.g. OS overhead). Currently supported OS have been developed collaborating with Elektrobit and Vector.
Further OS types available upon request. 

· Vector Microsar OS
· Elektrobit EB tresos AutoCore OS
· Elektrobit EB tresos Safety OS

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