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Webinar Videos are now Available

Timing-Architects and Vector Informatik offer a joined webinar of which you can take a look at the videos now.


On June 13th, Vector Informatik and TA gave a webinar regarding optimizing multi-core application distribution with Vector AUTOSAR Solution and the TA Tool Suite. One of the key features of the interaction between Vector’s tool, the DaVinci Configurator Pro, and the TA Tool Suite is the straightforward data exchange.


The webinar was included the following: 

  • Live tool demo

  • Initial configuration in DaVinci Configurator Pro

  • Import in the TA Tool Suite and the modelling of the system in the TA Tool Suite

  • Simulation, analysis, and optimization of the model

  • Update of the AUTOSAR description files with optimized configuration and import in the DaVinci Configurator Pro


The videos of the webinars are now published. Take a look at them and enjoy watching.

German Version

English Version 

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