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Timing-Architects is part of the EWORAM project

In cooperation with the OTH Regensburg - Technical University of Applied Sciences and Continental Automotive GmbH, Timing-Architects is working on the future of autonomous driving

The rapid development of autonomous driving in the automotive industry is challenging development and research departments every day. But especially the enormous degree of electrification of the powertrain and the increasing complexity of the “automobile” makes it harder for board computers to process the huge amount of data and to execute the required function in real-time.

Therefore, Timing-Architects, the OTH Regensburg - Technical University of Applied Sciences, and Continental Automotive GmbH started the EWORAM project. During the next three years, the project group will develop a tool that will e.g. recognize delays in evaluations earlier and develop control functions more targeted than ever before.


Read more in the official press release of the OTH Regensburg: https://www.oth-regensburg.de/fileadmin/media/presse/pressedownload/pressematerial/pdf/2017/PM_25_Forschung_EWORAM_OTH_Regensburg.pdf

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