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Timing-Architects contributes to the ARAMiS II project

ARAMiS II project started in October with the focus on optimization and advancement of the development process

Safety-critical applications in the domains automotive and avionics, as well as the future topic of Industry 4.0 show a clear and increasing demand for digital processing power. To research more in depth on the safety-critical applications and its complex requirements, the ARAMiS project was established to simplify the development.

In the ARAMiS project, leading industry companies and research institutions demonstrated the usability of multi-core technology in safety-critical applications based on prototypical implementations.

As the follow-up project, the focus of ARAMiS II is on optimization and advancement of the development processes, especially development tools and platforms for the efficient usage of multi-core technology.

The applicability of the concepts and approaches developed in ARAMiS II will be proven in industrial use cases in the considered application domains mentioned above.

Timing-Architects is among the leading industry companies and research institutions, which are contributing to the project until September 2019.

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